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First man to own a mirror in Kisii

Paramount Chief Musa Nyandusi

Simeon Nyachae’s father, Paramount Chief Musa Nyandusi was the first Kisii man to own a mirror in the 1940s. A gift he got from a mzungu for collaborating.
Any kisii man who had never seen himself in a mirror would pay a cow to go see themselves in the mirror.
That’s how Nyachae’s father made his fabulous wealth. You bring a cow, you see yourself in the mirror. Some gave land. They came in droves, cow in tow, giggled and came again to see properly another day. Another cow.
There is a place in Kisii called Ekerore (mirror). Maybe this is the place the Abagusii lined up with their cows to see themselves in Chief Nyandusi’s mirror.


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