Video: 10 Facts About African Lions That Will Shook You!

African has got a great culture ranging from people to animal lifestyle.

Lions are a big cats of Africa that makes our content most visited from all corners of the world by different tourists.

Pride Of Lions

Here are some facts about lions;

1. Lions live in a group or a pride that consists of around 10 to 15 lions depending available of food and water in such a location.

2. Female lions are the only hunters of prey while the male lions do guard over their territory.

3. Despite the fact that female lions hunt for food, the male ones eat fast.

Lions enjoying mating game

4. Lions roar can be heard from a range of 8 kilometers away.

5. Lions scent is used to mark their territory.

6. These big cats of Africa are aways afraid of their pray since they always meet challenge before getting food. They are also afraid of big mammals like Giraffes, Elephants among others.

7. A male lion’s weight is about 190kg while the female lions is about 150kg

8. Their life spans is 10 to 15 years.

9. Their chasing power and speed is almost 180km/h.

10. They spend most of their time a sleep.

African Lions Roar Freely


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